June 2022 Transit Forecast

June 2022's astrological forecast is filled with planetary influences that will affect your personal and professional life. Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in the sidereal sign Pisces, signifying that you may take more decisive action toward developing your spiritual practice. However, be wary not to let your pursuit of spirituality cloud your mind and cause you to act as if you are superior to others. Generally, Jupiter's wisdom and expansive quality will invigorate Mar's assertion and drive positively since Jupiter is in its sign of rulership.

Saturn enters its retrograde phase on June 4th, 2022. Most people tend to have a negative view of Saturn, as it is often associated with karmic debts, hard work, discipline, and obstacles. However, there are always two sides to each planet, and Saturn is no exception. If you devote yourself to doing the necessary work and push through any blockages present in your path; Saturn will reward you with an abundance of wealth, power, or even authority. It traditionally rules the 10th house (career and public reputation) of the birth chart for a reason!

This retrograde period will last until October 23rd, during this time frame the Saturnian energy is drawn inwards. If you have been disciplined in your personal and professional life, you're likely to be rewarded for your efforts in these areas. However, if you've been less than stellar in these areas, you might encounter more blockages, delays, and even some due karma. Saturn often represents authority figures, so this retrograde will affect people differently depending on if your actions are worthy of praise or worthy of discipline.

Mercury Retrograde also ends on June 3rd, however, we will still feel the effects on our communication and daily commutes since the post-shadow period lasts until June 18th. Mercury is in sidereal Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius, this tense aspect is likely to cause blockages in the way we communicate with others and in both our personal as well as professional plans. This tension is going to last the whole duration of June, however, once Mercury moves into Gemini on July 1st, we are going to experience release from that dense energy as it moves into a more harmonious aspect.