September 2022 Astrological Transit Forecast

September is a vibrant time that signals the end of the traditional summer season and the transition into the fall season. The beginning of this month's energy is influenced by the Sun and Venus' mutual transit in sidereal Leo. The zodiac sign Leo is ruled by the Sun and is associated with entertainment, individuality, and fun. The Sun symbolizes authority, ego, and energy. Whichever sign the Sun resides in it represents an increase in attention. The planet Venus represents romance, luxuries, and inner values. This energy can be seen through the celebration of Labor Day weekend, in which people celebrate the end of summer with barbecues or vacations. The Sun alongside Venus in Leo emphasizes our involvement in romantic relationships and in our relationship with ourselves. It is important during this time to make sure you're being valued by those you surround yourself with. Stay strong in your sense of individuality and your values.

Communication issues during this month will increase as we are currently in the pre-shadow period before Mercury begins its retrograde. Mercury will enter its station retrograde period on September 9th. Once it reaches that point, we will begin to feel the full force of delays and setbacks in technology or interpersonal communication. Mercury Retrograde signifies a need to take a step back to ensure your message or intentions are being properly communicated and received by others. Take care to double-check your travel plans and your forms of communication to ensure no problems arise due to this mercurial influence. Mercury will station direct on October 2nd, we will begin to feel some relief then.

And finally, the full moon will occur on the 10th of September in the sidereal sign of Aquarius. Considering that Mars in Taurus will be squaring this full moon, there may be conflicts caused by aggression or emotional volatility. Be careful to not allow your emotions to get the best of you and be wary of stubbornness. In addition, Venus in Leo will also be in opposition to the Moon in Aquarius, which can reflect the need to find balance in our emotional needs with our desires for love and companionship. Try not to suppress your feelings for the sake of peace, as these hidden sentiments will come out during this transit.