How to Activate Your Crystals

To maximize the power of your crystals, it is important to set intentions with them to activate them. This informational guide will walk you through the various steps to help you imbed your crystals with the energy you wish to obtain.


Before setting any intention, it's necessary to properly cleanse your crystals so that you can start with a blank slate. Once cleansed, the crystal will be ready to receive your intentions without any exterior energies inhibiting the connection. Cleansing can be done with smoke, from incense, the light of a full moon, or the use of selenite. In some cases, water can be used for cleansing but most crystals ending in -ite, like Malachite or Amazonite, should never be exposed to water.

Intention Setting

After cleansing, intention setting is the next step in the process. Different crystals work best for specific intentions, like Obsidian for grounding and Rose Quartz for self-love, so choosing the right crystal for what you seek is crucial. Meditating with the crystal while focusing on what you desire is one method for setting intentions. You could also write your affirmations on paper and place the crystal upon it as well. Repeating your intentions out loud or internally while holding the crystal also works. What is important is that you let your wishes be known so that not only the crystal can help you, but also the universe.


Once you've set your intentions with your crystals, keep the crystal close to you so that their energies can work more effectively. Sleeping with your crystal is one way to maintain the bond between you and your crystal. You can also carry the crystal around in your pocket or purse. Another easy and stylish way is to wear the crystal in the form of jewelry.