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Throughout our store, you will see our products made with different types of metals and materials.
Crystals & Gemstones
We use authentic crystals and gemstones in our jewelry. Our crystals are sourced from Brazil. To maintain your crystal jewelry, we advise you to always remove them before contact with water as some crystals will dissolve in contact with water. In addition, we advise removing crystal jewelry before contact with water for safety reasons. Some crystals are not water safe and may leach toxic minerals. Generally, any crystal ending in -ite should avoid water contact.
Gold Filled
Gold filled jewelry contains at least 5% solid gold by weight. A thick layer of solid gold is bonded using heat to the base metal brass. The layer of gold on gold-filled jewelry is thicker than its gold-plated counterparts. Also, the process of pressure bonding the gold to a base metal makes gold-filled more durable than gold-plated jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry is resistant to tarnishing but to preserve the luster and shine, do not expose the jewelry to chemicals, salt water, or chlorinated water. Gold-filled jewelry is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. We use 14k and 24k gold-filled chains, charms, jump rings, and clasps in our jewelry.
Many of our gold filled jewelry pieces bear a stamp of "1/20 14K GF" indicating that the jewelry contains at least 1/20 of 14 Karat gold by weight (the legal requirement in order to be sold as "gold filled" in the USA). 
Gold Vermeil
Gold vermeil jewelry consists of a 925 sterling silver base with a thick layer of gold electroplated over it. Gold vermeil jewelry may sound similar to gold plated jewelry, but the difference is that gold vermeil jewelry is hypoallergenic and contains at least 2.5 microns of gold.
Gold Plated
Gold-plated jewelry is made by a process in which a base metal (usually brass or stainless steel) is electroplated with a thin layer of gold through a liquid solution of gold ions. The thickness of the gold plating can range from .17- 2.5 microns of gold. Because it is not solid gold, the jewelry still has the appeal of gold at an affordable price. To ensure the longevity of the jewelry, avoid contact with chemicals and water. Our crystal pendants and crystal connectors are 18k gold-plated or 24k gold plated.
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver is comprised of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of a metal such as zinc or copper. Compared to pure silver which is soft and difficult to shape, 925 sterling silver is more durable due to the inclusion of other metals and is hypoallergenic. To maintain the quality of sterling silver jewelry, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals found in some beauty products and in pools. While it is okay to shower with this jewelry as long as it is dried off properly, it is best to avoid contact with salt water. To remove tarnish on sterling silver jewelry, it must be cleaned with a silver polish in order to return to its original state.